Archive: January 2012 - Low Brau

Status Update

So we’ve had a few people asking about when our beer will hit the streets, so we wanted to provide an update.

1.  We are currently still trying to find a space in North East.  Our broker is Menkiti Group, and we have already viewed a few locations.  It appears that since we are looking for such a small space, there are less options available.  We continue looking however, and once that is complete, we will order the equipment and get the ball rolling on permits.

2.  While we are waiting on the space, we have been working on more merchandise.  Currently we have vinyl stickers and speed openers.  We had an order of glasses (the glass you see on this website) end up being not of the greatest quality, and may offer those as an limited release with a discounted price.  We do have another batch of much better glasses coming soon however.  Also, we are working on t-shirts.  Once the t-shirts and new glasses arrive, we will add the shop to the website.

3.  In addition, we are more importantly creating test batches for some of the other beers will be running.  We still want to finalize the Totten Bock and directions that some of the other beers will head.


From Nano to Nano


Low Brau recently had the opportunity to stop by and visit Hess Brewing in San Diego, CA.  If you aren’t familiar with Hess, they are a well established nano-brewery on the west coast, and in fact, is San Diego’s first licensed nano-brewery.  Many suggest that nano-breweries cannot survive in the brewery world, due to the economies of scale, but Hess has proven them wrong and is very successful.

During our visit, we had to make sure we tried their flight (ten different beers on tap) and grabbed another beer or two afterwards talking shop and beer with Michael Skubic and blogger Baltimore Beer Guy.  There was quite the range sytlewise and plenty of flavor, showing what is possible with hard work (Hess has a 1.6 BBL brewing setup) and passion.  We were also delightfully surprised that the growler of coffee porter made it through the flight.

It was great to see their set up and to experience all of their beer.  It also provided further inspiration and excitement for things to come here at Low Brau.