Archive: June 2012 - Low Brau

Mission Small Business Update

So at some point last night, we received our 250th vote, and our application was submitted.  In fact, we are currently up to 255, as you can continue voting for 4 more days.  I wanted to take a moment though and thank everyone who voted, shared on their facebook, and had their friends and family also vote.  It means a lot to me and everyone involved.  We hope that we can win the grant, as it would mean starting off with a larger brewhouse than originally planned, and it would allow us the ability to do things that originally we may have held off on. However, if we do not win, we will still continue pushing forward in bringing Low Brau beer to the people.  Seeing this amount of support amps up the motivation and drive to keep moving forward.  Again, thanks to everyone for your help, and we hope to receive good news by September 15, 2012.  If you know people that still want to vote, please feel free to pass along, as the more the merrier I believe.

Still Slow…

It’s been a while, so we figured a status update was due:

1.  We are still searching for space.  We have increased the amount of square foot we are looking for in hopes of creating more options.  Currently, we have a great possibility.  It has a decent amount of square foot, which will allow us to grow decently in the future.  The location is also pretty key, with metro access, and plenty of future growth itself.  We are hoping to be able to do a site survey, so that we can see how things will fit and if the space is in good condition.

2.  We are now playing around with what the third flagship beer may be, and exploring some fruit options.  Adding fruit will have us stray from the Reinheitsgebot, but we feel that it will be a fun and delish change.

3.  We have recently started a campaign to try and win a grant provided for by Chase & Living Social.  It’s for small businesses, and would really help provide some great capital for us.  It would allow us to expand some possibilities, and to double the size of our planned brewhouse, helping out with future demand and growth.  We are currently over a third of the way to the 250 required votes to be considered, and we have till the end of June to receive those votes.  If you could take a moment of your time, stop by and vote for Low Brau.  Just click the link below, log in through your Facebook account, and search for Low Brau.  We thank you in advance for your vote, and hope to be sharing beers with you soon.