Archive: August 2012 - Low Brau

Test Batches & More

1.  Space Situation:  We are still looking for a space, we had a couple of leads and things didn’t go as hoped for, however we are not giving up and continuing the search.  If we can’t find viable warehouse space, we have some ideas for backup plans.

2. Mission Small Business:  A lot of people have been asking how the Mission Small Business grant is coming along.  We received over the 250 required votes (283 I believe), so our application was accepted.  Now it’s under review, and they will announce the small businesses that were selected by September 15th.  We hope to hear good news as the grant would be of great assistance, however we are not relying on it, and so continuing to move forward.

3.  Test Batches:  We have been working vigourously on our test batch program, focusing on our Totten Bock and Apfelwein.  We are working with 1 gallon batches, and though it takes the same amount of work, it allows us the ability to test multiple variances at the same time.

The above image is a shot of some of our test batches.  In the front is a Honey Cinnamon Apfelwein, and in the back are three versions of our TottenBock (our Weizenbock beer) in different phases.