Low Brau

In 2011, Low Brau was in planning as a brewery focusing on German style beers ready to rock the DC beer scene. After reviewing many possible spaces in the District, and having a potential space fall away after a Letter of Intent (LOI) couldn’t be agreed on, Low Brau was pushed aside. At the time, DC beer laws were different, and the business plan that would make the dream of Low Brau successful wasn’t feasible. When the laws did finally change, life had caught up, and other personal matters had taken priority.

Low Brau as a brewery continues to be a dream that will one day come to fruition. Through the years however, it has started to morph into something else, a lifestyle and mentality. Drinking craft beer, adventure, and of course, Embracing Simplicity.

Steven Sorrell

Steven is the main contributor to Low Brau and the Principal of Sorrell Design, a DC based architecture and interior design firm. Steven is a licensed Interior Designer in Virginia, DC, and Maryland and a Cicerone Certified Beer Server studying to become Cicerone Certified.  Though his design focus is mainly one Corporate Office, he does work on Restaurant/Retail and Specialty spaces, such as breweries.


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