Low Brau

Low Brau LLC is a Washington, DC based nano brewery created by Steven Sorrell in response to the current American Craftbrewing atmosphere.  After visting breweries around the world, Steven noticed the direction most beers in the US were headed, so in 2010, the seeds of Low Brau were planted.

Low Brau is currently looking at spaces in the north eastern portion of the District, and hopes to start settling down within the next couple of months.  Once the space is secured and equipment in place, the flagship beer Heidiweiss will begin production.  Currently, the brewhouse will be a 2 beer barrel (BBL) system, with multiple fermentation tanks to allow for more volume.  There are plans to have a tasting room and growlers on site.

Low Brau’s beers are German inspired, following the guidelines set fourth by the Rheinheitsgebot Purity Law and high quality ingredients.  Each beer is hand crafted and brewed in small batches to maintain quality over quantity.

Low Brau strongly believes in “Embracing Simplicity”.


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